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Подсветка фонтанов от компании Трансконтиненталь

Пруд на дачном участке это красивый компонент оформления приусадебного участка. А если сделать красивую и эффектную подсветку, тогда водоем будет хорошо выглядеть как в дневное время, так и вечерами.

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ALLIANCE aluminum type workbenches

Alliance aluminum series ESD workstations are a type of workbenches that are supplied in two versions, standard and automatic, and are quite convenient in using. Automatic workbenches are equipped with motorized worktop adjustment system, performed by electric drive and simple control unit. This workbench allows controlling the height of the tabletop by pressing the specific button located below the tabletop. It can be very useful in many manufacturing processes when operator needs to change his/her position within several minutes to fully exersize their task.

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